Diaper Inserts

We have three kinds of diaper inserts
  1. Microfiber Inserts
  2. Bamboo Inserts
  3. Bamboo Charcoal Inserts
Microfiber is an environmental friendly material with many tiny strands and 40 times more surface area for absorption. It is lightweight, less bulky, durable and easy to wash and dry. Our inserts are made from 3 layers of 100% unbleached Microfiber. Bamboo grows in a non-polluted natural environment. The cross-section of the bamboo fiber is filled with various micro gaps and micro holes, it has much better moisture absorption and ventilation. With its unparalleled structure, it absorbs and evaporates in a split second. Charcoal is known to absorb odors. The smell of a wet bamboo charcoal insert is definitely lighter than the regular insert, and it is slightly dryer when in use as well. Good quality bamboo feels cooler to touch than the regular insert. Our Mom label bamboo insert is made of 3 layers and the Premium Label is made of 5 layers high quality bamboo, there is no microfiber inside.