Product Warranty

We are committed to providing high-quality cloth diapers, and we make every effort to prevent workmanship defects.

We offer a 60-day product warranty commencing on the date you receive your order. Once the 60-day warranty has expired, the item(s) cannot be replaced.

Our warranty covers stitching, seams, elastic bands, snaps, hook & loop closures and fabric. For any claims that are recognized and are within the 60-day warranty period, we will reimburse an amount appropriate for the defect. We reserve the right to refuse any claims.

Please keep in mind that diapers are not indestructible. Like other clothing, they will eventually show signs of wear and tear and may not withstand being used and washed several times a week over an extended period of time.

Note: When unsnapping a diaper, do not pull on the fabric in an attempt to open all snaps at once. Instead, use your fingers to open each snap one by one.

Our warranty does not cover:

  • Leaking, repelling, fading, stains, or normal wear and tear
  • Leaking or wicking is not considered a defect. Check out our Diaper Use and Care FAQ for tips on how to preventing leaking.
    Damage caused by mishandling, misuse, excessive heat, or not following washing instructions.

Color variation

  • Color variation is not considered a flaw, as some applications and fabrics may alter over time due to wash and wear.
  • Snagged, torn, or ripped TPU or other fabrics
  • The waterproof fabric in our diapers, diaper covers, and wet bag will melt if high heat is used during washing and/or drying.
  • When washing or drying our products, be sure not to put them in the machine along with anything that will snag the fabric.
  • Free items received from us or from one of our retailers

You are solely responsible for understanding how to care for the items you purchase. This warranty is void when washing instructions have not been followed; when bleach, fabric softeners, or any other caustic substances or laundry additives have been used; and when the diapers have been subjected to washing or drying temperatures above 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C.