Bandana Bib Scarfs for feeding teething drooling 4-Pack, Play-With-The-Fox

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KaWaii Baby Bandana Bib Scarf is super absorbent and soft. Stylish triangle design with super cute patterns suitable for baby boys and girls.
Good for babies who are drooling or teething, keep your baby’s clothes from getting soaked.  The stylish design will always look great with your baby’s outfit.
You will need several bibs a day. This set of 4 is good enough for a 1 to 2 days supply.
Product Highlights:
  • The front is made of 100% cotton and the back is made of 100% fleece, premium quality, super soft and absorbent, which keeps your baby dry and comfortable
  • 2 snaps closure provides a perfect and secure fit
  • Good for drooling and teething, keep your baby’s clothes from getting soaked
  • Easy to wash and fast drying

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