KaWaii Baby Adult/Toddler/Teen/ Reusable Cloth Diaper Pack of 3


UPC: 768114161603


This package including 3 Adult Cloth Diapers and 6 Adult Diaper Inserts

2 color options to choose from:

  • Theme #1  :  Blue/Green/Grey
  • Theme #2 :  Yellow/Peach/Orange


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Pregnancy and childbirth may lead to unexpected leaks, this product can make huge changes to life to keep new moms clean from heavy flow.

This diaper is designed for all ages from toddlers to adults.  Ideal for Toddler, Teen, Older, Incontinence, Long bedridden, and Postoperative patient etc.

Soft and extremely absorbent, will protect them from leakages to stay dry and comfortable.


  • Adjustable tummy snaps for a flexible fit
  • These diapers fit between 20″ and 45″ in the hip
  • Three rows of snaps for simple rise adjustment
  • Double leg elastic for extra protection against leaking
  • Suede cloth inner, moisture will be absorbed quickly
  • Wide back pocket opening for easily doubled or tripled with inserts

Washing Instructions

  • Rinse immediately after changing. Shake the diaper over the toilet to flush away any solid waste. Then rinse thoroughly to avoid stains and odors. For optimal results, pre-soak diapers and inserts in cold water for half an hour before washing.
  • Set the right temperature. The maximum washing temperature for our diaper pockets is 95 degrees F or 35 degrees C. Higher temperatures can damage the elastic as well as the fabric. Microfiber inserts can be washed in any water temperature.
  • Prevent color bleeding. Wash with like colors in cold water 2–3 times before use. This helps prevent the color from bleeding. When storing wet diapers, do not leave wet colored diapers mixed in with whites because dye transfer can occur.


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Theme#1, Theme#2

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