KaWaii Baby Super Absorbent Stay-Dry Microfiber Cloth Diaper Inserts (10/Pack) for 6-22 lbs Cloth Diaper


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What are Cloth Diaper Inserts?

Cloth diaper inserts are designed to be stuffed into pocket diapers to absorb moisture and contain the solids.

Replace a new insert at diaper change and keep your baby’s bottom clean and dry. Use more than one insert to provide extra absorbency for overnight or long hours use.

A Must-have baby item essential for cloth diapering.


Why is our insert better?

These Inserts are made of three layers of 100% microfiber, these inserts (or soaker pads) are soft, absorb fast, extremely absorbent, and very easy to clean and dry. This environmentally-friendly material, composed of many tiny strands, is 40 times more absorbent than cotton – and less bulky too.

Microfiber inserts are washable and reusable. Machine washing in cold or warm and dry in low to medium heat. Suitable for heavy-duty use.

Pair with KaWaii Baby Pure & Natural Newborn Cloth Diaper for maximum leak protection.

Size: Measures at approximately 11 x 5 inches (27.9 x 12.7 cm);  pair with newborn diaper (6–22 lb)


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