One Size Heavy Duty HD3 Pocket Cloth Diaper + 2 Inserts Dolphin Park


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Need an easy changing, trim-fitting hybrid diaper to use at ease? KaWaii Baby innovative design HD3 hook n loop closure diaper is your first choice.

The solid colored part is the sewn-in loop material, you can attach the hook tab anywhere you like in the loop material which fits snugly.

Quick and easy changing for new parents, grandparents, daycares or babysitters.  Waterproof Outer Shell, soft microfleece inner, moisture will be absorbed right away, your baby will love the softness.

One size fits all: for babies weighing 8–36 pounds.

Diaper Insert is made of three layers of microfiber, these inserts (or booster pads) are soft, absorb fast, extremely absorbent, and very easy to clean and dry. This environmentally-friendly material, composed of many tiny strands, is 40 times more absorbent than cotton – and less bulky too.  2 inserts are included in each diaper. 



  • Waterproof outer shell: Made of 32 thread-count TPU fabric, more durable and water-resistant than other brands using 23 thread-count fabric
  • Inner layer: microfleece absorbs moisture quickly, your baby will love the softness!
  • 3D Leak Protection – Elastic waistband is adjustable and fits perfectly.  Elastic ruffle prevents side-leak around the baby’s legs.
  • Leak-proof front panel: for extra protection for babies sleeping on their tummies
  • The multipurpose outer shell can be used over your favorite inserts, prefold or fitted diapers
  • Save a lot of money on disposable, suitable for families with multiple kids in diapers, you can save the diaper for your next child.


Quick and easy changing:

  • Sturdy yet soft hook & loop fastener:  Close the diaper when washing to prevent the hook tab from catching on other clothing in the washing machine
  • Most daycare centres prefer hook & loop cloth diapers


Three rows of snaps for simple rise adjustment:
(8–16 lb)– snap the first-row buttons into the third-row buttons
(16–22 lb) – snap the first-row buttons into the second-row buttons
(22–36 lb) – leave unsnapped


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Magic Wand, Witchery Trick, Golden Snitch, Rainbow Day, Woodland Bear, Baby Whales, Jelly Fish, Mermaid, Sea Horse, Dolphin Park, Elephant Family, Dotty Green Heart


Just the diaper, With 2 Microfiber Inserts, With 2 Organic Cotton Prefold, With 2 Premium Bamboo Inserts 5 Layers

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